( 6 Reviews )
Maketu Beach Logo

Maketu Beach

Scenic Spot

2 Town Point Rd Paengaroa, BOP 3189
Joady Robinson

Great place for a picnic lunch

( 10 Reviews )
Red Tarns Viewpoint Logo

Red Tarns Viewpoint

Scenic Spot

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park Glentanner, CAN 7999
Adrian Swaine

Went up here for an evening sunset hike. Stunning spot. Tough enough climb up the stairs but it's well marked and a good track. Beautiful views from the top of Aoraki. It ... more

( 77 Reviews )
Lake Tekapo Lookout Logo

Lake Tekapo Lookout

Scenic Spot

Serving Glentanner, CAN 7999
Naicha Lu

(Translated by Google) very beautiful~ (Original) ~

( 12 Reviews )
Takaka Hill Lookout Logo

Takaka Hill Lookout

Scenic Spot

Serving Kairuru, TAS 7198
Charles C


( 604 Reviews )
Purakaunui Falls Walk Logo

Purakaunui Falls Walk

Scenic Spot

Purakaunui Falls Rd Puketiro, OTA 9586
Jannis Wandel

(Translated by Google) Nice but not too impressive. (Original) Schn aber nicht allzu beeindruckend.

( 58 Reviews )
Te Whara Track Scenic Lookout Logo

Te Whara Track Scenic Lookout

Scenic Spot

Serving Whangarei Heads, NTL 0174
Jean Mndt Thoral

This is a very steep walk especially towards the end but the view is absolutely worth it! Also not for the faint hearted as the end of the track is pretty much straight d ... more

( 235 Reviews )
Unity Park Lookout Logo

Unity Park Lookout

Scenic Spot

116 Eglinton Rd Mornington, OTA 9011
Viraj De Silva

Try at night with a clear sky.. spectacular view..

( 46 Reviews )
Northern Breakwater - Shipwreck Point Logo

Northern Breakwater - Shipwreck Point

Scenic Spot

Serving Runanga, WTC 7802
Franois LE GOFF

(Translated by Google) Very nice sea view With a beach filled with dried wood. A place to see if you have good weather I advise you to go in the evening at sunset (Origin ... more

( 19 Reviews )
Motukiekie Beach Walk Logo

Motukiekie Beach Walk

Scenic Spot

1902 Coast Rd Barrytown, WTC 7873
Catherine Marie Thomson

Recommend it at low tide to explore rock pools.

( 53 Reviews )
Lake Tekapo View Point Logo

Lake Tekapo View Point

Scenic Spot

Serving Glentanner, CAN 7999

Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No More

( 114 Reviews )
Lake Waihola Domain Logo

Lake Waihola Domain

Scenic Spot

9 Waihola Pl Berwick, OTA 9073
Allan and Tracie Lindsay

Great spot for fish n chips

( 4 Reviews )
Tahakopa River Logo

Tahakopa River

Scenic Spot

Papatowai Hwy Puketiro, OTA 9586
Samitha Abeysinghe


( 23 Reviews )
Petone Wharf Logo

Petone Wharf

Scenic Spot

Serving Petone, WGN 5012
Uwe Hoett

Beautiful scenery and would be a great place to go fishing but seems to be closed for long.

( 127 Reviews )
Tairua Beach Logo

Tairua Beach

Scenic Spot

26 Paku Dr Tairua, WKO 3508
stella Richards

Very nice beach, abit of erosion after the 2023 cyclone. Nice swiming beach

( 3 Reviews )
Kuirau Thermal Landscaping Logo

Kuirau Thermal Landscaping

Scenic Spot

Rotorua Hospital, Helipad Ohinemutu, BOP 3010
Jisto paul

I really enjoyed it. It's an incredible spot to chill out and have a good time.

( 17 Reviews )
Mokau River Lookout Logo

Mokau River Lookout

Scenic Spot

Serving Awakino, WKO 4376
Gavin Smith

A great little town with a beautiful tidal river flowing under an impressive bridge and out to sea. Excellent place to capture both sunsets and sunrises and just chill.

( 483 Reviews )
Hooker Valley Track Logo

Hooker Valley Track

Scenic Spot

Hooker Valley Track Glentanner, CAN 7999
Daniel Auge

Stunning views! Pretty easy walk and a place to have a rest when you get there

( 6 Reviews )
Albert Town Bridge Logo

Albert Town Bridge

Scenic Spot

Wicklow Terrace Makarora Wharf, OTA 9382
Huet Antoine

10$ la nuit par adulte, pas de sandfly, espace vaste et toilettes propres, je recommande (Translated by Google) $10 per night per adult, no sandfly, large space and clean ... more

( 46 Reviews )
Hakarimata Waterworks Dam Logo

Hakarimata Waterworks Dam

Scenic Spot

Serving Waingaro, WKO 3793
Jonathan McMillan

Hard but good. Not your normal easy bush walk. Its a work out for sure. Go slow or go hard. It will be challenging

( 487 Reviews )
Sky Waka Gondola Logo

Sky Waka Gondola

Scenic Spot

Top of, State Hwy 48 Rangataua, MWT 4691

Excellent n good

( 231 Reviews )
Huka Falls Lookout Logo

Huka Falls Lookout

Scenic Spot

Huka Falls Loop Rd Oruanui, WKO 3377
Kevin Bruno (WuTight)

(Translated by Google) As a single trip it might be a bit "little" but it is a really impressive waterfall. The lookout from the street above is also recommended. (Origin ... more

( 44 Reviews )
Point Elizabeth Lookout Logo

Point Elizabeth Lookout

Scenic Spot

Point Elizabeth Walkway Runanga, WTC 7802
Stefan Amport

(Translated by Google) Wow what a view. And the way is a dream. Beautiful forest and great view. I rode my bike from Greymouth to the Lookout. Works well, the trail is no ... more

( 121 Reviews )
Pakia Hill Lookout Logo

Pakia Hill Lookout

Scenic Spot

8219 State Hwy 12 Waima, NTL 0473
Raphael Nolden

Beautiful! Amazing views over the harbour mouth to the giant and dunes on the other side

( 9 Reviews )
Bowentown Lookout Logo

Bowentown Lookout

Scenic Spot

Unnamed Road Athenree, BOP 3177
Nikki Jean

Beautiful walk, steep if you choose to go straight up near the campground side but much more leisurely if you follow the roadway from the point. Beautiful views virtually ... more

( 263 Reviews )
Kea Point Logo

Kea Point

Scenic Spot

Serving Glentanner, CAN 7999

(Translated by Google) Although it is said to be approachable, it is still a bit of a gentle slope. If it is summer, the weather is quite hot and there is no shade, so su ... more

( 125 Reviews )
Otira Gorge Rock Shelter Lookout Logo

Otira Gorge Rock Shelter Lookout

Scenic Spot

State Hwy 73 Aickens, WTC 7875
Stephen Tan


( 9 Reviews )
The Wizard's Vail LotR experience Logo

The Wizard's Vail LotR experience

Scenic Spot

Serving Glenorchy, OTA 9372
Luke McIver

Bit of a hike to get in, but wow its worth it!

( 30 Reviews )
Riverview Lookout Logo

Riverview Lookout

Scenic Spot

Serving White Tank, TKI 4520
Gavin Smith

There are two lookout points, 1 minute drive from each other. Both have panoramic views down across the coast. I would stop in at both and take some photos.

( 14 Reviews )
Whitireia Park Rock Logo

Whitireia Park Rock

Scenic Spot

Unnamed Rd, Elsdon, WGN 5022
Haris M


( 11 Reviews )
Rotorua Lake Logo

Rotorua Lake

Scenic Spot

Serving Ohinemutu, BOP 3010
James Milne

Great place to visit. It has jet boats, helicopter and sea planes taking off and landing. It has a great playground for kids too and path to walk around the water front.

( 13 Reviews )
Raumati Beach Logo

Raumati Beach

Scenic Spot

Serving Paraparaumu Beach, WGN 5032
George J Mattamana

A beautiful beach with great view. If you enjoy a long walk in the beach, this is it.

( 26 Reviews )
Fraser St, South Beach point Coast Logo

Fraser St, South Beach point Coast

Scenic Spot

35 Fraser St Seaview, CAN 7910
Neil Austin

Nice place for a walk

( 516 Reviews )
Wharewaka Point (Four Mile Bay) Logo

Wharewaka Point (Four Mile Bay)

Scenic Spot

Stanley St Wharewaka, WKO 3330
Tony Wilson

Great beach to swim and picnic

( 13 Reviews )
Wairurahiri Wilderness Jet Logo

Wairurahiri Wilderness Jet

Scenic Spot

17 Main St Otautau, STL 9610
Jen Goddard

Only 5 stars because we can't give more!! Absolutely amazing trip with Roffy, we cannot recommend this enough! It's been on out bucket list for a long time, and we're so ... more

( 60 Reviews )
Mahy Reserve Logo

Mahy Reserve

Scenic Spot

13 Pohutukawa Ave Ohope Beach, BOP 3121
Karen Cloete

Clean and beautiful

( 1083 Reviews )
Scenic Lookout Airport Runway Logo

Scenic Lookout Airport Runway

Scenic Spot

564 Puhinui Rd Wiri, AUK 2025
Jack Tar

Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes More

( 30 Reviews )
Track To The Top Of Mt Pauanui Logo

Track To The Top Of Mt Pauanui

Scenic Spot

80 Pauanui Beach Rd Hikuai, WKO 3579
Darlene Rene

Definitely not for the faint hearted. I am 47 yrs old and weigh 118kgs and I made it to the top took me 3 hours up and 1:45 on the decline coming out the cave end on the ... more

( 16 Reviews )
Whangamomona Saddle Logo

Whangamomona Saddle

Scenic Spot

State Hwy 43 Tahora, TKI 4396
Ian-LJ Plant (The Kiwi Planties)

Just commenced our journey from Stratford to Taumarunui. First stop for the night at Whangamomona camp 500m up road from pub. Basic but clean and quaint. Great view watc ... more

( 40 Reviews )
Cosy Nook (cove) Logo

Cosy Nook (cove)

Scenic Spot

353 Mullet Rd Round Hill, STL 9881
Murray Holland

Beautiful little spot

( 38 Reviews )
Lake Face Creek Falls Logo

Lake Face Creek Falls

Scenic Spot

4190 Glenorchy-Queenstown Rd Glenorchy, OTA 9372
Dmitry Kamenetsky

Small falls, hard to see unless you climb up high through some steep terrain.

( 21 Reviews )
Greys Hill Lookout Logo

Greys Hill Lookout

Scenic Spot

Waimata Valley Rd Waerengaahika, GIS 4071
Linda Jones

A little gem of a spot! The views are spectacular. Picnic tables there, too.

( 735 Reviews )
Lake Pukaki Viewpoint Logo

Lake Pukaki Viewpoint

Scenic Spot

5098 Tekapo-Twizel Rd Glentanner, CAN 7999
Pam Clarke

Beautiful place to stop for a picnic and to take in the views down the lake to Aoraki Mt Cook.

( 37 Reviews )
Summit Road Car Park Logo

Summit Road Car Park

Scenic Spot

Unnamed Road Sumner, CAN 8081
Mark Robinson

Excellent rest point on a walk or bike ride

( 11 Reviews )
Silica Rapids Logo

Silica Rapids

Scenic Spot

Tongariro National Park Rangataua, MWT 4691

if i wasn't exhausted by the time i got here, im sure this would've been 5 stars but alas, i did not enjoy it that much

( 236 Reviews )
Cape Farewell Logo

Cape Farewell

Scenic Spot

Serving Baton, TAS 7073
sep senf

Nice short walk at the very end of South Island. Beware of the strong winds- they can blow you away. Stunning Photopoint but you have to pass 15 km of gravel road. Would ... more

( 9 Reviews )
Arawata Track Logo

Arawata Track

Scenic Spot

45 Arawata Terrace Frankton, OTA 9300
Hannah Auckram

Only about 20 mins along the top, its pretty flat until the last bit to the car park. Also you cant really walk anywhere from the car park but you can keep going along th ... more

( 30 Reviews )
Lake dunstan view point @ Lowburn Logo

Lake dunstan view point @ Lowburn

Scenic Spot

293 Luggate-Cromwell Rd Gibbston, OTA 9384
Mary Feary


( 11 Reviews )
Hauraki Rail Trail Logo

Hauraki Rail Trail

Scenic Spot

State Hwy 2 Te Aroha, WKO 3320
Ludwig Worrall-Bader

Excellent traiil. Definitely a little bumpy in some patches.

( 14 Reviews )
Karikari Peninsula Logo

Karikari Peninsula

Scenic Spot

Serving Lake Ohia, NTL 0483
Richard Mayston

A lovely scramble with terrific views.